A Menswear Street Style Star Opens L.A.’s Coolest New Store


Photos By Michael Wells


On an industrial stretch of Washington Boulevard in Los Angeles’s Culver City, with the Expo Line buzzing in the background, sits a new men’s concept shop that’s hoping to change the landscape. Conceived by former Bloomingdale’s men’s fashion director Josh Peskowitz, alongside partners Simon Golby and Christophe Desmaison, Magasin is a place where ideas come first and craftsmanship is a very close second. Or, as Peskowitz notes, the store translates old-school technique to new-school ideas. “The thing that is still desired and missing in a lot of ways is the filter—what’s the point of view?” Peskowitz said of the unique lens through which he and his partners, all menswear veterans, will present an edit of labels including Massimo Alba (“the new luxury”), Salvatore Piccolo (“the new tailored”), Engineered Garments, Feit, Camoshita, and Levi’s Vintage Clothing.

 “We’ve seen a propagation of big brands at the expense of smaller brands and at the expense of self-expression,” Golby said. Magasin aims to reeducate the male consumer, using cross-merchandising in unexpected and compelling ways. “We’re putting the store together by mood, we’re telling a story, we’re giving a point of view,” Peskowitz added. The inventory will include everything a man needs from head to toe, including exclusives from Levi’s, Golden Goose, Piccolo, and Eral 55, which generally doesn’t do ready-to-wear but is producing tailored jackets exclusively for Magasin from deadstock cloth the owner has collected over decades. “The idea that there is a difference between what a man needs to wear for off-duty and on-duty is over,” Peskowitz clarified. “We’re always on duty; we’re always on call.”

Of the 1,600-square-foot store in Culver City’s just-opened Platform development, Peskowitz points out that the interior mimics their philosophy that high-tech and organic can coexist side by side. “There is an intersection between things that have an innovation to them but still have that handmade craftsmanship to them as well,” he said of the details. A planted wall has been placed in an otherwise austere environment; 25-foot ceilings and high windows shed natural light on concrete floors; and the space is punctuated by mid-century modern furniture, reclaimed wood, and antique Afghan rugs.

While their concept has international legs, the decision to open the store in L.A. was carefully considered by Peskowitz and Golby, both New Yorkers. “The environment in New York right now isn’t conducive to independent-minded people starting independent businesses, particularly in Manhattan,” Peskowitz explained. “Part of the appeal for us is that if you look around the professional landscape in this area, it’s pretty much all the creative fields combined,” he said of neighbors like Apple, Beats by Dre, Nike, and Culver’s longtime anchor resident, Sony. “There are people here who are very interested in the ideas of design and craftsmanship and innovation, which are the things we’re trading in.”

Magasin opens tonight at 8810 Washington Boulevard, Suite 101, Culver City.



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