Magasin means “Store” in French and it sounds like the word Magazine, which we love. Magazines tell stories, and so do the clothes at Magasin. It’s what makes us different from other stores. It’s a story that men who care about craftsmanship and innovation have been piecing together for themselves. We’re here to help with that narrative.

It’s a place where new brands and ideas can be discovered, and more traditional garments are given a new spin. We believe that clothing should reflect the wearer, that it should say something about him. We’ve decided to work with a small community of designers and manufacturers, ones where respect is mutual, and quality is paramount. There is no dress code for modern life, but the men we admire look equal parts polished and natural. We think building a wardrobe is a lifelong activity that shouldn’t be taken too seriously, yet is of great importance.

Getting dressed should be fun and the energy of a man’s clothing should allow him to walk into any room in any type of situation and own it. And that’s the important thing for us at Magasin. Sure; we’re a store. A store that sells clothing, but what we want to do is help our community of men write the story of their lives — and look the part of leading man in it.